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Course Updates

Davie Golf Club is committed to the total enjoyment of the course. In support of this, numerous projects and programs are underway to improve the Davie Golf experience.

Course Improvements Underway

  • The 10th green has been totally redone.
  • New Golf Course Manager - A new Maintenance Supervisor and GM are in place directing all programs to ensure ongoing improvement.
  • New Putting/Practice Green - Beautiful large practice green now open.
  • Weed Mangement Programs - Aggressive treatment on all greens to improve putting surfaces. Right now, the greens aren't up to our standards. We're continuing with on going maintenance to eliminate weeds and improve the putting surface.
  • Green Nutrient Programs - Unique Greenway programs to improve turf density and provide better turf grass.

Green Renovations Currently Underway 2024

Temporary greens are currently in place as the golf course is doing a complete renovation of 17 greens. This will include removing all grass from the greens, fumigating the subsurface, reshaping and expansion in size of some greens. Specifically, Holes 6, 9 and 16 greens will undergo resizing and shaping to be more playable. Following reshaping, the greens will then be replanted with TifEagleBermuda sprigs, which is considered one of the best types of turf grass for greens inSouth Florida. Additionally, during this period some sand bunkers will also be eliminated that the architect believes will make the holes more enjoyable and fairer to play.

Davie GC Greens Renovation Timeline and Summary

(All timeslines are estimates and subject to change due to weather and other impacts)

Phase 1 - Product Applications/Prepping (April 29th - June)

The first application of products applied to the greens begins to start the process of slowing and eliminating grass on the greens. These treatments will take 6 - 8 weeks of multiple applications to be fully effective in eliminating the existing turf grass before the next phase can begin.

For the first 4 - 5 weeks of application, the greens will still be playable and remain open. They will start to turn brown, but we can add a green pigment spray to keep some green color visually on them. Further, as the leaf tissue and grass begin to die off, the green speeds will get faster. Once we determine the greens are no longer playable, we will then move to temporary greens. (Estimate late May)

Note: On days of applications, the course will delay opening and/or close the tee sheet for a period to allow for spraying and drying of materials applied on the greens.

Phase 2 - Construction/Reshaping of greens (June)

This is when the fun begins. All projected greens will be regraded and shaped to improve playability, size, and/or remove some severity of slopes, while still preserving the overall unique fun movement of the Davie greens.

Phase 2a - Removal of Select Sand Bunkers (June - September)

Davie is a challening course, and on some holes perhaps a little too challenging. To improve the enjoyment of the course, there are some sand bunkers that will be removed or resized. Most of these are either unfairly blocking front areas of greens and/or blocking bail out approach landing areas. These select bunkers will be removed and regrassed.

Phase 3 - Fumigation (July)

Once the grass on the surface has been eliminated, the greens will be aerified and fumigated to eliminate all subsurface matters that could impact planting of new turf grass.

Phase 4 - Sprigging and Grow-in of New Turf Grass (August - October)

TifEagle Bermuda sprigs will be planted on greens then managed through grow-in over an 8 - 12 week period until they're ready for play. The greens will need to be watered several times a day, which is why the temporary greens will set further away so to avoid players getiing wet during the grow-in.

Project Complete - Target Reopening of Greens is Late September to Early November.

Depending on weather and possible delay impacts.


Davie Golf Club Does Not Offer A Driving Range
We do have a chipping area and a practice putting green